vayatela is a young agency owned by Michael Haussener. Situated in Bern, the firm focuses on project management tasks, mainly in the field of communication, and specializes in responding to specific demands for well-coordinated project management and, on request, for tailored-made concepts.

Working in collaboration with third-party professionals and highly experienced service providers, vayatela acts as a project implementing agency in the following areas: events, campaigns, sponsorship, online marketing and product launches.

About vayatela

vayatela derives from the Spanish word «vaya tela» and can be loosely translated as an expression of surprise in the sense of «wow» or «awesome». Be it in conceptual planning or in project implementation, the company philosophy is to evoke awe-inspiring feelings among target audiences.

Working closely with clients is key, which is why vayatela aims to always communicate in the language of the client, be it English, German, French or Spanish.

Michael Haussener, native Bernese and vayatela owner, has passionately realized a number of projects in the last decade in different countries and in various languages. Through his work, he has built up an extensive network in various industries, giving him access to resources and know-how on which he can draw today.


vayatela is experienced in the following industries:

. Luxury goods
. Banking and finance
. Insurance
. Venture capital
. Sports
. Telecommunications
. Culture
. Food and beverage
. Automobile
. Education
. Government agencies
. Non-Profit organizations
. inter alia

A detailed overview of vayatela’s portfolio will be made available on request.


vayatela GmbH
Michael Haussener
Wasserwerkgasse 29
CH-3011 Bern

+41 79 667 00 89


Mailing address:
vayatela GmbH
Mattenhofstrasse 35
CH-3007 Bern

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